Sacred Feminine Oracle

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Sacred Feminine Oracle ger konkreta verktyg och tips när det kommer till att arbeta med den feminina energin. Du får förståelse för känslor, tankemönster och beteenden som du bär på. 

Om kortleken:

This sublime and poetic oracle will accompany all women in the encounter and healing of their sacred feminine.

This oracle is a wonderful personal growth tool for all women. It will accompany you as you meet, express, and heal your sacred feminine with the help of keys, messages, and exercises.

Empowering and poetic, the oracle consists of 44 sublime, inspiring cards divided into seven families, each embodying the energy of a feminine archetype such as the Amazon, the Matriarch, the Sensual Woman, and the Mystic Woman.

In the light of each archetype and with the help of spreads suggested in the guidebook, you will treat your wounds and discover your hidden resources, your best qualities, your shadows, and your vibratory and relational potentials.

Day after day, explore the many dormant facets of your sacred feminine, and unveil all the richness and magical power that inhabits you as a sacred woman.