Superlunaris Tarot

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Leverantör: Angelicas Livsmagi

Superlunaris Tarot var min allra första indie tarotkortlek och är en av mina mest använda. Det märks att skaparna har lagt ner mycket tid och kärlek i skapandet av den här kortleken. Den är modern, färgrik och inkluderande. 

Information från skaparna:

A diverse reworking of the traditional tarot cards with an energy and life force of its own! 

Superlunaris Tarot is a unique tarot deck that will spark your intuition and create a natural flow in your tarot readings and divinations.

Set in a world of fantasy mixed with modern reality, the characters in these tarot cards appear from all walks of life and within different snapshots in time. A strong sense of realism and movement in the tarot art illustrates the fullness of human life and emotion within the scenes of each card, making this tarot deck a more readable and fresh experience on the traditional symbolism.

The scenes in the tarot card art are atmospheric and enveloping, producing an effect of living through the cards in an intuitive story tarot reading. The Superlunaris Tarot deck has a lush, immediate real-life feel that is less theatrical and provides more of a flowing intuitive experience through a tarot card reading.

Designed for personal development, transformation and empowerment for all.

The Superlunaris Spark indie tarot deck comes with:

• 78 full color standard Tarot sized cards printed on 350 gsm card stock with a matte linen finish, measuring 2.75" x 4.75"

• Borderless imagery with slightly rounded corners

• Small, color, 8-page folded quick-look pocket pamphlet with keywords for each card that fits in the box on top of the cards

• Tuck box

• White card edges

Please note: There is no tarot book guidebook included with this tarot card deck. A small, quick-look pocket pamphlet with keywords for each tarot card is included in the tarot box. The artwork in this tarot card deck is based off of the original Smith-Waite symbology and any guidebook based off of the traditional system will work with this deck.

Bilderna är från Jacob and Jess hemsida: klicka här för att se mer av vad de skapar.