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The Moon Dust Tarot

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Artikelnummer: 128
Leverantör: Angelicas Livsmagi

The Moon Dust Tarot: A deck and guidebook to activate ethereal lunar magic. The official physical edition of the hugely popular online deck which has been used by over 86 million people. The luxurious Moon Dust Tarot explores for the first time the symbolic links between the moon, subconscious dream imagery and the classic tarot archetypes.

The power of the moon is at your fingertips...

Based on the online tarot deck that has uplifted and enlightened millions of people since its launch in 2017, this is the one and only official physical Moon Dust Tarot Deck. Connect with your spirit on a higher level, commune with the wisdom of the moon, stars and the universe, and find new meaning in the Tarot with this beautiful deck sumptuously presented in sparkling gold foil!

Psychic and occult expert Flo presents the 78 classic tarot cards, illustrated with stunning artworks sprinkled with moon dust that shed new light and meanings on the classic imagery with insight from dreams and lunar wisdom.

The accompanying booklet provides interpretations of all the cards, including keywords, inspiring poems intuited by Flo and readings for both upright and reversed cards. Elevate your lunar connection to the next level, find answers, hone your intuition and transform your life.

This deck sits beautifully alongside its companion dream dictionary The Moon Dust Dream Dictionary.

Utgiven: 20231107

Förlag: Penguin Random House US

Författare: Saul Florance