Divine Initiation Oracle

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Valentina på Valchemy Art har gjort det igen - hon har skapat en magisk kortlek och guidebok. Om du inte har tagit del av Valentinas skapelser innan, så rekommenderar jag varmt att kolla in dem. Konsten i kombination med hennes utförliga och otroligt välskrivna guideböcker är verkligen out of this world. 

Den här orakelkortleken matchar hennes vackra Ethereal Alchemist Tarot perfekt (finns också att köpa i butiken), men den här orakelkortleken kommer att medföra djup, insikt, klarhet och förståelse oavsett om du använder hennes tarotkortlek eller inte. Du kan använda Divine Initiation Oracle enskilt eller i kombination med andra korlekar. Stilen på korten passar också med många andra kortlekar, såsom The Moonchild Tarot, The Starchild Tarot och Moondust Tarot. 

Beskrivning av kortleken från Valchemy Arts hemsida:

"Enriched with Earth elements, light activations and ancient wisdom, Divine Initiation is a visually enchanting 44-card deck that supports and encourages deeper levels of awakening as well as initiating you to open up your heart to fulfil your highest purpose.

Accompanying the deck is a full-colour comprehensive guidebook that acts as your trusted companion on your initiation journey offering profound insights and guidance for all aspects of life. The guidebook goes beyond interpretations, providing you with valuable coaching tools and knowledge to enhance your Oracle card readings.

Immerse yourself in a world of rituals, poetry and in-depth journal prompts. Experience transformative action-based initiations as well as spiritual practices such as cleansing, blessing, protection, manifestation and lunar cycle rituals. Unlock your inner wisdom with carefully crafted invocations and affirmations that empower and inspire.

We recognise the power of crystals in deepening your spiritual practices. Discover Crystal Associations - allowing you to tap into the unique energies and vibrations of these precious gems. By integrating crystals into your readings, you can amplify the messages received, connect with your intuition on a deeper level and harness their profound healing properties.


✦ 44 cards printed in full-colour measuring approximately 88 mm x 126 mm

✦ The highest-quality 400 GSM card stock with a luxurious satin-matte finish


The cards and guidebook are contained within a protective magnetic box, designed with both elegance and practicality in mind. The box features a luxurious rose petal soft touch finish, exuding a sense of reverence and magic. Its exterior and interior are adorned with beautiful gold foil finishes, adding a touch of opulence and elegance.


Within the pages of the Divine Initiation Oracle guidebook lies a heartfelt chapter titled "Nature's Medicine: How Holistic Healing Helped Me Reclaim My Health." In this chapter, I invite you into my personal story of transformation, sharing the remedies and practices that guided me back to alignment after facing a daunting diagnosis.

I openly share personal insights and the remedies that became pivotal in my healing journey. From nourishing the body with wholesome nutrition and embracing movement as medicine, to delving into the healing power of mindfulness and cultivating a deep spiritual connection, I lay out the stepping stones that guided me towards taking my power back.

My intention is to inspire hope and ignite a sense of possibility within your own journey. Each individual's path is unique, but within these pages, you may find insights, remedies and perspectives that resonate with your own quest for well-being and alignment."

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